Lady Bunny’s In A Lather Over Her New Show


The drag star has new cabaret show, That Ain’t No Lady!, at La Escuelita (301 W. 39th Street), 8 PM every Tuesday starting October 4, and more celebs are lining up to give it thumbs up than begged to be in “We Are The World.”

In fact, Bunny just provided me with this really inspiring list of celebrity endorsements:

“Bunny had me shaking with laughter.”–Michael J. Fox

“My jaw dropped.”–Roger Ebert

“I laughed until my hands fell off.”–Helen Keller

“I laughed my tits off.”–Chaz Bono

“No one can remove dog cum from a wig like Lady Bunny.”–Martha Stewart

“Bunny is the best. She killed me at her last show.”–Amy Winehouse

“Wait! Bunny performs more than fellatio?”–The Harlem Globetrotters

“Bunny is such a classy lady that I wanted to take her home.”–Eddie Murphy

“If my sweet angel were as entertaining as Bunny, I wouldn’t have ended her short engagement.–Casey Anthony

“I would have personally driven her mother to Planned Parenthood.”–Michele Bachmann

“At least I had a family who knew when to pull the plug on my act.”–Terry Schiavo

“Bunny stole my look!”–Bozo

“Halfway through this show, we were hoping a tiger would run out into the audience and kill us.”–Siegfried and Roy

“I can see her asshole from my house.”–Sarah Palin