Straights Get An Eyeful At New Gay Bash


At the Little West 12th Street club Ajna last night, master promoters Tony Fornabaio and Brandon L. Voss launched a weekly gay party, the boys mixing in the high-ceilinged casbah-like environs like good little hummus-sexuals.

But the adjacent restaurant area was filled with straight people chomping on couscous, and as we all waited for them to finish up so there could be a light show, they lingered even more, ogling the gogo dancers and even taking pictures of them as if this were a free version of Naked Boys Singing.

It was an unexpected scene of cross pollination, but–to the relief of millions–it didn’t last long enough to take away from the boy-on-boy social action, which was perfectly stimulating.

Speaking of sexualities mixing, Grindr’s founder Joel Simkhai was there, telling me he just launched the broader version of that app, Blendr.

It will become honed with time, he said, but so far, “It’s a lot of straight guys, some gay guys, and some girls.”

In other words, it’s like most bars in the Meat Packing District.

Shouldn’t he make it two-for-one for women to balance things a little better?

“That’s a good idea,” Simkhai said, laughing, “but it’s free!”

Oh, well. The straight guys can always get together and watch gogo boys.