Reno Air Crash Kills 3; States Oppose AT&T Merger; UAW and GM Reach Agreement


At least three people died yesterday when a plane at an air race in Reno, Nevada crashed near a grandstand. Jimmy Leeward was piloting a P-51 Mustang at the National Championship Air Races and Air Show when he lost control of the aircraft. Witnesses say he managed to pull up before impact, preventing an even worse disaster. More than 50 people are reported to have injuries and 12 are in critical condition. In 2007, a collision between two planes killed both pilots at the same annual Reno event. [CNN]

7 states have joined the Department of Justice in its lawsuit against the AT&T merger with T-Mobile. New York, Washington, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania have added their names to the suit that claims that AT&T’s $39 billion purchase of T-Mobile is anti-competitive. Politico reports that the state attorneys of Louisiana, Arizona and West Virginia, as well as half the country’s governors, “effectively gave an early green light” to the merger.

The United Automobile Workers and General Motors announced they reached a tentative deal Friday night for a new labor contract. The New York Times said that the union did not release any specifics of the deal, but said, “the agreement included improved profit-sharing and ‘significant improvements to health care benefits.’” This is the first new labor contract between the two parties since the government’s bailout of GM in 2009. [NYT]

After the attack on the Israeli embassy in Cairo last week, Egypt’s interim government has received broadened powers, the Washington Post reports. The powers have been expanded so that the government can now “detain people without evidence or official charges,” drawing ire from critics who believe this is an abuse of power. [Washington Post]

Expect a crisp day today, with highs in the mid-sixties. []