Oligarch Fight!: Billionaire Punches Billionaire on Russian Talk Show [VIDEO]


What would you rather watch: A discussion on economic turmoil or a fistfight? Thanks to Russian television, you don’t have to choose! Billionaires Alexander Lebedev and Sergei Polonsky appeared on a panel to give their thoughts on the recent financial crisis. Both men made their fortunes with varying investments, and their insight into this economic quagmire is valuable. What is invaluable, however, is Lebedev’s one-two combination that sent Polonsky stumbling out of his chair. Until Elizabeth Warren cold-clocks Mitch McConnell on Meet the Press, we’re watching Russian television for all our global financial news. Video after the jump.

Many are accusing Lebedev, who owns British newspapers the Independent and the Evening Standard, of throwing a sucker punch. Polonsky is taken by surprise and tumbles off the stage. He is quick to get up, however, and gives Lebedev a Grade-A mean muggin’. Polonsky, a property developer, has previously said he wanted to “stick one in the mouth” of Lebedev, and appeared to have his chance. Instead, he just continued to ice grill the former KGB official and resisted physical retaliation.

The clip comes from an NTV preview of the program, which is set to air tonight in Russia. No matter whose side you are on, one thing’s for sure: Their fight was way better than the Mayweather-Ortiz shenanigans from last night.

Alexander Lebedev in Russian TV punch-up [Guardian]