Candles That Smell Like the McKibbin Lofts Can Be Had For a Mere $68


Would you like a candle that smells like unwashed artists and bed bugs? Or one that smells like trash and vintage clothing stores? Or how about one that has a whiff of poppers and disco pants? All of these candles are now available at Oak, the intimidating clothing store on Bond Street with an amorphous wooden structure in the middle where this blogger once spilled a full vodka-cranberry all over the sales floor, panicked, and ran. The candles are named after certain places and times in New York, e.g. “McKibbin + Bogart ’03.” The cost of being transported back to St. Mark’s in 1985 is almost $70.

The candles debuted on Fashion’s Night Out. Oak notes that they were “hand-poured” in Brooklyn. The description of the McKibbin-Bogart candle:

The McKibben+Bogart 03 candle by Oak is a soy wax candle. Each Oak Candle is designed to evoke a moment and place (an intersection, to be exact) in time in New York’s history. The shape of the candle and the glass container evokes the tall votive candles that are ubiquitous in New York Bodegas and Corner Stores [ed.note: those types of candles cost, like, $2). The Bushwick candle is inspired by: wood, oil, paint thinner, incense, booze, dust, ICR vs. Deth Killers of Bushwick, and artist lofts. Scent highlights include terpenic notes of drying oil paint on canvases blended with incense, dry cedarwood chips, and dark guaiac wood oil. Features a cotton wick. Burns for 100+ hours. Hand-poured in Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A. .

We’ve reached out to Oak for more info on how they came up with and achieved the scents for each locale and will update with that. In the meantime, has anyone smelled these things?

[via Animal NY]