Empty Blue Suitcase Caused Times Square to Shut Down For An Hour


Cops shut down a large swathe of Times Square this afternoon because of a suspicious package. A blue suitcase, actually, that had been left in front of the Market Food Court at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue. Not to worry, because the suitcase was just a suitcase.

According to DNA Info, the NYPD shut down the area between Eighth Avenue and Broadway from West 41st and West 43rd streets from 3:30 to about 4:40 p.m.

Reports of a suspicious package led to the suitcase, an innocent, empty blue suitcase sitting on the sidewalk. These days, everything is a suspicious package. That shopping bag you left on the sidewalk next to your feet for a second when you answered your phone? Suspicious. Your platform shoes? Suspicious: no one needs that much heel. Your baby’s mega-stroller? I’m calling the cops.

Anyway, Times Square is now back to normal.

[] [@_rosiegray]

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