UrbanBaby Moms Debate How To Get Husbands To Deal With The Help


Sometimes it’s fun to go to the UrbanBaby “Talk” boards and see how the other half lives. The problems of the UrbanBaby moms are so, so different from our problems that it’s actually really interesting! We just found this gem from last week (FYI, DH means “darling husband” in UrbanBaby-ese):

Spinoff from post a few down: Why do some people (mostly husbands?) have a tough time dealing with domestic employees? My husband is head of a department at work and manages a large group of people quite effectively, but for the life of him cannot communicate with our nanny. Everything goes through me (we both WOH). He grew up in a fairly rich household and is used to having domestic employees around, so it baffles me as to why he can’t ask the nanny to make dinner for our school-aged kids, etc. A friend of mine has the same issue with her DH. What’s behind this?

Amazing. These people are a perfect storm of privilege. Love it.

One of the respondents, who says she’s a nanny, kind of nails it:

“I don’t know, but this has always been the case with the men I’ve worked for. I assumed it was some subconscious sexism (women should be the ones to talk to women about women’s work)”

Skip to 4:40 for an exemplary nanny-husband interaction: