Mike Bloomberg’s Digs Are About As Opulent As You’d Expect


Breaking: Mike Bloomberg is rich. Like, really rich. Uber-rich. Forbes says his net worth is $18.1 billion. As you’d expect, his living quarters are incredibly fancy, even though he’s the kind of mayor who likes to make a big deal about taking the subway and having meetings in diners. The Times found photos of his homes in New York and London on the website of his interior decorator; apparently, the mayor’s “tastes run to the positively baronial.”

On the website, the residences aren’t identified as belonging to Bloomberg. But Jamie Drake of Drake Design Associates has been Bloomberg’s decorator for a long time; he’s also done restoration work at City Hall and Gracie Mansion. (We haven’t been able to reach Drake for comment).

Some of the stuff in Bloomberg’s New York house is…expensive. Check this out:

In the New York town house, the photos show that visitors are greeted by what appeared to be, in the eyes of one antiques dealer, a Dutch old master painting, an English Regency table that could be worth $90,000 and sconces that could go for $40,000 each. In another room sits what the dealer said was a $1 million Georgian Chippendale couch beneath what appeared to be an 18th-century portrait by a prominent painter like Joshua Reynolds or Thomas Gainsborough, which might be worth $450,000. Throughout the house are more sconces and chandeliers valued in the five or six figures, the dealer said.

Another room holds an antique snooker table that is worth at least $50,000, another expert said. Billowing drapes, an Egyptian marble foyer and French Savonnerie carpets all add to the centuries-old opulence. Three bathrooms, each appointed in a different fashion, are pictured.

Bloomberg is on some next-level Louis XIV shit, and we can’t blame him. Wouldn’t you if you had billions of dollars to spend?

Though Bloomberg’s rep wouldn’t say whether he’d seen the photos, they’re no longer online, indicating that he probably has learned of their existence at least.