Pump Energy Becomes Dig Inn; Apple Juice Controversy Causes Panic


Pump Energy is being renamed Dig Inn Seasonal Market. CEO Adam Eskin will relaunch the brand on September 21, with a new look and menu that focuses on all-natural proteins, local produce, and flavor.

The FDA is battling a wave of public panic incited by The Dr. Oz Show, which claimed that apple juice contains high arsenic levels.
[Atlantic Wire]

A Bronx student has turned an abandoned patch of land near his high school into a miniature farm, with chickens and a garden.
[NY Daily News]

Tyson Foods is paying $32 million to settle a long-running suit that involves compensating poultry-plant workers for time they spend putting on and taking off protective clothing.
[Washington Post]

A new study reveals that thin people may be able to summon more mental defenses to resist high-calorie foods than obese people.
[Washington Post]