Can’t Get Into Ippudo? How About a Ramen Noodle Chocolate Bar Instead?


Ramen love is at a high point across the five boroughs, and there are probably 50 spots where you can indulge your passion for the Chinese wheat noodles that the Japanese have embraced.

Predictably, ramen will be translated into dozens of other culinary idioms, from frozen Swanson ramen TV dinners, to make-your-own-ramen kits, to packages of high-end ramen in Williams-Sonoma, to special ramen cookers on everyone’s Christmas list, available exclusively at Bed, Bath, and Barf.

Don’t go looking for any of these, I just made them up. But note how rational they all sound.

As evidence of this trend, there’s Ramen Noodle, a new chocolate bar made by Komforte Chockolates of Orange, California, and available at specialty salt seller the Meadow. The 2.5-ounce bar comes in four easily detachable segments. The chocolate is dark, with a creamy mouthfeel, and a little sweeter than dark chocolate usually is. The noodles go crunch, crunch, crunch in an altogether pleasing way, though the effect is not all that different from the rice in Rice Krispies.

Still, a good conversation starter on an OkCupid date.

The Meadow
523 Hudson Street

Snap, crackle, and poppish

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