Columbus Circle Is the Most Requested Bike Share Station Location


Following the announcement of a bike-share program that would bring 10,000 bikes to the streets of New York City, the Department of Transportation put out a call asking for suggestions on where people wanted stations located. Yesterday, they announced that they’d gotten 5,566 individual station nominations and 32,887 support clicks. So, people seem pretty into this idea. DOT also posted a map showing “share station support” per square mile — the red zones indicate most requested/supported areas.

We got in touch with the DOT’s Deputy Press Secretary, Monty Dean, who told us that the “most popular single suggestion at the moment is the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park.” Also popular are Grand Army Plaza, Lafayette and Houston Streets, and Union Square. But, they’ve gotten suggestions for stations “for all corners of the city, from Tottenville to Far Rockaway to Wakefield.”

People can still make and support requests for station locations. The actual stations, of which there will be 600, will be selected after community planning workshops are held in the affected community districts (this will probably happen this winter) and choices are discussed with City Council members and others. The bike-share program is scheduled to begin next summer.