Eight Posts That You’ll Probably See Somewhere On The Internet Now That R.E.M. Has Called It Quits


8. I Wanted To Be Wrong: Why Around The Sun Is R.E.M.’s Stealth Masterpiece

7. One Time I Stood Across The Street From Michael Stipe’s House: A 4,000-Word Memoir About Five Minutes That Changed My Life Forever

6. The Five Best Moments On Get A Life

5. Was Michael Stipe’s Tumblr Dick Shot A Sign That This Was All Inevitable?

4. Celebrities React On Twitter To R.E.M.’s Breakup

3. Seven Other Bands That Should Follow R.E.M.’s Lead And Break Up Right Now

2. Oh My God Can We All Stop With The “I Thought R.E.M. Broke Up A Long Time Ago” Jokes, They Put Out A Record Six Months Ago: Social Memory Of Music And The Internet Age

1. The [Insert Number Here] [Best/Worst/Most Overrated/Most Underrated] R.E.M. Songs (nb: you’re probably going to see this one a lot, so get ready)