The Great Band Known As Ponytail Has Broken Up


One of the brightest new bands of recent memory is the Baltimore art-rock outfit Ponytail, whose shape-shifting music and live performances were characterized by a sense of wonderment; listening to their songs was like hearing a group of people constantly stumble upon things that absolutely delighted them over and over again. Sadly, that journey’s no more, as they’ve broken up—for good this time, and not temporarily—according to a statement from Sir James Winnie of We Are Free Management that cites the geographic distance between its members as a root cause and reads in part: “It’s a bummer the world will never see Ponytail live again because it was truly honest music that filled you with extreme joy. An experience like that is rare these days and if you did see Ponytail live consider yourself lucky.” Amen. The just-released video for “Easy Peasy,” from this year’s Do Whatever You Want All The Time, below.

Ponytail – “Easy Peasy” from stereogum on Vimeo.

Earlier this year, Jamie Peck interviewed vocalist Willy Siegel about being “a person who has a pretty complicated gender identity, or not a binary gender identity.” It’s a lengthy, fascinating read, and it goes well with this chunk of footage from the band’s performance at the 2010 Siren Festival.