Video: People Casually Doing Nitrous On the Street in Williamsburg After Jam Band Show


The above video is of people casually selling and taking whippets (nitrous oxide, or “hippie crack”) on North 7th Street in Williamsburg. This is following a Widespread Panic show on Saturday night, unsurprisingly.

Nitrous has been covered in detail in these pages before, and it’s known as a common drug at festivals and shows where scary profiteers sell it by the balloon out of huge canisters. (That hissing sound in the video is nitrous coming out of the cans.)

The woman behind the video sent New York Shitty an account:

There was not ONE SINGLE COP to be seen anywhere. Before I picked up my camera I called 911 but no one came. I had to run in my socks down to the lone cop who was directing the chaotic traffic to please send help because a huge mob had grown around the nitrous oxide balloon sellers. It was total mayhem. Inexplicably firemen were sent to clear the mob. It was a horror show and I was afraid for my safety while filming…

“Total mayhem” is a little over-the-top. This lady would really freak out if she knew how much acid and molly were likely being sold at this same concert. It is curious, though, that this could happen in such a matter-of-fact way on the street in the heart of Williamsburg with no police intervention. It’s not like the balloons are very discreet. According to the Brooklyn Paper, no arrests were made but cops say they’re inspecting the video for evidence.