Lady Miss Kier Would Like To Remind You That The Limelight Was Not A Deee-Groovy Place


The documentary Limelight opens this weekend, and the look back on the Chelsea church-cum-club, now transitioning into something resembling a department store, underwhelmed the Voice‘s Seth Colter Walls. But it’s straight-up angered one person: Dee-Lite vocalist/downtown personality Lady Miss Kier, who found out that footage of her dancing had been spliced into the film, even though, she claims, she never went there because it represented to her an “ugly part of NYC mid 90’s club culture”; she says the shots in question were of her attending a rave in Baltimore. (Not even New York? Tsk.) “I hated that club and most everything it stood for except for the innocent kids who went out to have fun and my many friends who worked there,” is the kiss-off to a a lengthy, racism-accusation-filled, litigation-threatening post on her blog:

I do not endorse this movie “LIMELIGHT” . I don’t understand how they can justifiably use my name or footage of me dancing at a rave in Baltimore in their film, produced by the club owners daughter. Anyone who knew me in the early 90’s knows I was loudly vocal about boycotting the Limelight since day one because at the debut of “disco 2000” , I was in the dj booth ,when the owner’s wife stormed in and told Supa DJ Dmitry to stop playing “black music” adding ” what do you think this is, Harlem? ” . Me and the dj walked out immediatly after those frogs and creepy crawlers slithered out of her lipglossed mouth like a grim fairytale ugly princess character. For years , I had heard from so many black and latino youth that they were turned away at the door.

Of course there were a few people of color let in but most were turned away because ” they weren’t dressed right” only to return in their most put-together looks to be turned away once again. I would taunt my friends who worked there asking them why they would participate in such a bad environment that was pushing special k to underage suburban white kids – but the answer was always “they paid well” . I also resent the Limelight because they secretly owned “Project x” magazine which seemed to dictate what was happening in NYC clubs and always put “disco 2000” on top.

Much more dish at the link. In the meantime, here’s the Limelight trailer, which has the sort of lousy graphics and fastish pace that is making me have a hankering to crack open a smart drink and watch Go, even though that was a pretty crappy movie:

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