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It’s time for the weekly comment roundup! You know how it goes: every week we pick the comments we thought were funniest, or smartest, or most thought-provoking, and then we reward those commenters with a lovely free Village Voice t-shirt. If you’ve won, email our web editor Francesca Stabile and she’ll send you a shirt! Now, our Comments of the Week:

The Award for Stoner-Esque Dude-ism

On “Woman Hit by Cyclist in the East Village Asks Him to Contact Her,” “Rob” got real:

“NYC is menkal [sic] man. You can’t even fart 2-feet from someone without fear of being sued. I doubt the guys going to get in touch. Sorry to corrupt the thread. Hope the lady gets well soon.”

Yeah, brah.

The “Oh, Shit” Prize

On this video of people doing nitrous openly on the street in Williamsburg after a Widespread Panic show, “InnaJungleStylee” was fed up with the histrionics of the camera-woman:

“From the New York Shitty account: ‘I have lived in NYC my entire life in some of the worst drug neighborhoods; the Lower East Side in the 60s, Spanish Harlem in the 70s and the Southside of Williamsburg in the 80s and I have never seen anything like this before. And that is saying a lot.’ Yeah, I’m pretty sure a bunch of kids doing whippets is not comparable to any of those places you never lived, but rock on with your bad self.”

Best Correction

This post about an unsuccessful bank robber had kind of a hilarious typo. Otisah pointed it out quite well:

“A 5’8″, 40 pound man should be very easy to identify.”

Most Tasteless (in the Best Way)

Something we never noticed before is that one of the police sketches of one of the Park Slope sexual attackers really does kind of resemble Dan Rather. “bricktop” fixed that:

“Dan Rather better lay low for a while.”

We lol’ed.

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