Happy First Day of Fall Flood Watch!


Today is the first day of fall, or “the autumnal equinox,” if you’re fancy. Maybe that means something to you, like cozy sweaters and football games in the out-of-doors and the rosy-cheeked drinking of apple cider among friends, or maybe it means that it’s going to rain and be horribly sticky and make you feel like hiding inside in the air conditioning until winter. Fall is capricious! And so, today, it brings with it a nice, wet, potential flood. The rain will be heavy through Saturday evening, with a flood watch in effect for basically all of New York City as well as parts of Connecticut, New Jersey, and upstate New York.

One and a half to three inches of rain are expected, possibly four, reports Fall: You are soggy.

However! Since we still have many bottles of water from our hurricane prep, and granola bars, we should be pretty much okay this weekend. Stay inside and watch movies, or read a good book, or the Internet! If you’re going to go outside, wear boots, carry an umbrella (properly, please), walk with purpose but without stomping in puddles, and, if you don’t mind, pick up a few things for us. We need provisions as we wait for the satellite to hit. Surviving that, our next truly sunny day will probably be next Friday.

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