Hecho en Dumbo to Spawn Salon Hecho, Next Door


Some stirrings over at Hecho en Dumbo, on the Bowery: Construction on Salon Hecho, next door, has begun. The annex will be modeled after hip Mexico City cantinas, specializing in agave-based spirits, such as infused mezcals called abocados and featuring live bands, both from here and south of the border. Partners Ethan Smith and chef Danny Mena hope to open on October 6.

“That culture that corresponds to the culture of this neighborhood, but in Mexico — that’s what we’re trying to do here,” says Smith. “The lighting is a little brighter, the music is a little lower … so the focus is on people interacting.”

“Abocados are mezcales infused with, say, lamb breast, chicken breast, turkey breast, rabbit. [In Mexico], they also add a lot of fruits and vegetables to it. It’s not sweet at all, but it’s very fruity,” says Mena. “We saw a lot of these mezcalerias in Mexico, doing flavors with fruits or herbs. We’re going to do [flavors like] juniper and avocado leaf. We’re doing one with all spice.”

Hecho en Dumbo, which already has an enviable tequila and mezcal selection, will be showing off its tacos at this year’s tacos and tequila event at the NYC Wine & Food Festival.