Watch It Rain in the Subway


A flash flood watch is still in effect for New York City and surrounding areas, though the rain seems to have calmed down a bit, for the moment. But earlier today it was pretty awful, outside and apparently in the subway as well. AM New York’s Tim Herrera shot this video, in which commuters actually have to use umbrellas to get out of the E train at 34th Street to avoid being drenched by the wave of water pouring down.

Looks bad, though not quite as bad as the water main break on Monday that flooded parts of the Upper West Side and submerged the tracks of the A, B, C, and D trains in 10 feet of water, requiring the suspension of service until water could be pumped out.

MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz told us, as of this time, there’s “No weather-related impact on service.” Why so much rain? “A huge city sewer line runs through the entire length of the platform.”

Keep your umbrella handy.