Lourdes Appears In Madonna’s W.E.!


My current column is a diatribe about the weirdness inherent in being a celebrity spawn, and that goes triple for Lourdes Ciccone (whom I love and am rooting for, by the way–she’s got a lot of legend to live up to).

Well, a while ago, it was revealed that Lourdes is playing a small part in the Madonna-directed period film W.E., which is a sort of Julie & Julia type thing alternating between Wallis Simpson and Wally, a modern woman obsessed with her.

Reportedly, Lourdes (billed as Lola Leon) was playing the young version of Wally.

But someone else who swears he’s seen the film claims:

“We see Lourdes in a bit part as a Welsh peasant girl.

“In newsreel footage, we see Prince Edward visiting a Welsh mining town, where Lourdes greets him wearing a babushka.

“I thought he’d strolled into Bolivia by mistake.

“She looks about as Welsh as Fyvush Finkel.”

And I look as red-faced as W.C. Fields right now because this “source” is obviously a hoaxer.

But either way, Lourdes is a bonafide movie star, thanks to her prodigious mama.

I guess W.E. are family.