Satellite Has Fallen, Location Unknown; 43% Think Obama Is Better Than Bush; Putin To Run For Prez Of Russia Again


UARS — the 6-ton satellite that just maybe was going to hit you — fell back to earth sometime between 11:23 p.m. Friday and 1:09 a.m. Saturday EDT, NASA has said. But even though it “penetrated the atmosphere” over the Pacific Ocean, when and where it exactly fell is still unknown, so let the conspiracy theories begin. If you do happen find one of the 26 pieces of UARS that were expected to have reached Earth, NASA says don’t touch and call law enforcement. (Read: no souvenirs.) People in San Antonio, Texas and Hawaii have already reported seeing flying objects that could have been the satellite. [NASA, CNN]

A USA Today/Gallup Poll released Friday showed that while 43 percent believe Barack Obama is a better president than George W. Bush, 34 percent think he’s worse and 22 percent say he’s “about the same.” Meanwhile, even without a sex scandal, 50 percent of the people who responded to the poll think Obama is a worse president than Bill Clinton. [USA Today, Daily News]

Vladimir Putin is going to run for president of Russia again. The Atlantic recently compiled some of the photos he may want to use during his campaign. [NYT]

A man was caught with multiple weapons including three stun batons, one stun gun, a stun pen and a can of pepper spray to top it off during a baggage check at John F. Kennedy International Airport Thursday. He was arrested. [NY1]

Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed a law that would have allowed small fireworks in the state (not in the city, however). He also said no to a commission dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. [NYT]

It’s the Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day, meaning free admission to places like the Morgan Library & Museum, the Brooklyn Historical Society and the New York City Fire Museum. Go learn something. [@NewYorkology]