Waste Time With The Jim Henson Google Doodle


Google Doodles are often inspired, but rarely are they as fun as today’s celebrating the day that would have marked Jim Henson’s 75th Birthday.

The Doodle features five “digital puppets” — in Google colors, of course — who do adorable things when you click on them. Each can open its mouth and follow your mouse with its eyes. Our favorite is the cynical-looking elephant-like creature that represents the second “G” in “Google.”

People have already spent way too much time playing with this. The Huffington Post has a collection of videos already posted on YouTube with the Doodle characters singing along to pop songs. (We’re partial to their “Rolling in the Deep” rendition.) In another video someone tries to figure out some of the hidden tricks the little guys can do. The possibilities for procrastination are limitless. We’re hoping to see a Beckettian one-act play derived from the Doodle about the nature of being stuck in one place. Or, perhaps, someone can make them do a rendition of David Bowie’s “Magic Dance” from the Henson-directed Labyrinth. The Doodle is up for 36 hours so you have plenty of time.

Read more about the Doodle and Jim Henson on the Official Google Blog.