80 Arrested Saturday In Occupy Wall Street Protests; Second Avenue Subway Gets Graded; Marathon World Record Set


Approximately 80 were arrested Saturday in connection with Occupy Wall Street, according to the NYPD’s press office. Throughout yesterday afternoon Occupy Wall Street used Twitter to chronicled arrests and various acts of force being used by the NYPD against protesters. They say at least five were “maced.” (Police at DCPI said this morning that they could not confirm those reports.) Last night Occupy Wall Street tweeted about people arrested in connection with the events being released. Police said they do not have specific information on how many have been let go so far, but added “most if not all” should be by this morning.

The Second Avenue Subway got an overall “B” in their report card from Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney Saturday. The project reached a landmark Thursday when tunneling broke through to the Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street station. [NY1, DNAinfo]

Berlin saw the setting of a new world record during its marathon today, when Kenyan Patrick Makau ran the race in 2 hours 3 minutes and 38 seconds. [NYT]

The Transportation Security Administration does not think that there is a connection to terrorism in the case of a man arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport with multiple weapons including three stun batons, one stun gun, a stun pen and a can of pepper spray. [NYT]

A man is dead in Brooklyn after being shot in a fight over an iPhone in the lobby of a Sheepshead Bay apartment building. [NY Post]

Scarlett Johansson is supporting Scott Stringer for mayor, and throwing two pricey events for him Oct. 3: a dinner for him at the Plaza and following party at the Jane. The actress’ grandmother met the now-Manhattan Borough President in the 1980s. [NY Post]