Amazon Probably Going To Announce Tablet This Week


Amazon is going to have a press conference in the city Wednesday, which probably means it’s going to show the world a new tablet, the New York Times reports today. But the question that looms is: will everyone be dying to have an Amazon tablet when there’s already the iPad?

The Times boils it down:

A competition between Amazon and Apple tablets will be a battle that pits the company that created the first popular e-reader (and set off a still-unfolding revolution in how books are consumed) against the company that created the first popular tablet (and set off a revolution in progress about how entertainment and other media are consumed).

Though we obviously haven’t seen the new product yet, the Times notes that analysts predict that it will be a “a souped-up color version of its Kindle e-reader that will undercut the iPad in price and aim to steal away a couple of million in unit sales by Christmas,” speculating later that “the Amazon tablet might be underpowered when set against the iPad, a Corolla to Apple’s Lexus, but that might not matter.” Well, here’s another metaphor for you.

If an iPad is a hip, 20-something, the Kindle, on the other hand, is a dad. This is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s the staidness of the Kindle that makes it appealing. A Kindle is meant for one purpose: reading. It doesn’t have the toy-like functions — say, Angry Birds — of an iPad that might distract users from that sole purpose. The truth is sometimes you just want to curl up with a good book, er, or e-reader. A “souped-up” Kindle, might seem like a “souped-up” dad, a man going through a mid-life crisis who just bought a leather jacket and a Ferrari.

What Amazon does have in store though, remains to be seen.