Prince William Wears Chinos: Things We Learned From A New Interview In The Daily Mail


We here at Runnin’ Scared have fastidiously documented our obsession with the royal family/wedding. So when we read that the Daily Mail had run an exclusive interview with Wills (an excerpt from an upcoming book on the queen), we just had to weigh in. In the Daily Mail piece — which is accompanied by a series of photos that would make a great set of memes — we hear more about the prince’s daily life and his relationship with his grandma. See what we learned after the jump.

What we learned: Elizabeth II told William to “bin the list.”
What that means: The Queen told William to ignore the official list of important people invited to the wedding and do his own thing.
What we infer from that: Girl just wanted the party to be fun.

What we learned: William said he was “was given a categorical: ‘No, you’ll wear this!'” to the wedding.
What that means: The Queen wanted William to be married in his Irish Guards uniform.
What we infer from that: She was worried about William’s fashion sense.

What we learned: The Queen, according to William, was a “massive help” with the wedding.
What that means: Pretty self-explanatory.
What we infer from that: She has a knack for floral arrangements.

What we learned: The author of the piece writes that when William doesn’t have anything official going on people visiting his workplace “are as likely to bump into him wearing chinos, open-necked shirt and tank top as to find him in a suit and tie.”
What that means: He’s just a regular guy.
What we infer from that: Elizabeth II had nothing to worry about (see above), his fashion sense is kind of boring.

What we learned: William, Kate and Harry participate in what the author says “in modern officespeak, is known as ‘hot-desking.”
What that means: They share a study in their office space.
What we infer from that: We don’t know. It just sounds dirty.

What we learned: William says that “for me particularly, being the young bloke coming through, being able to talk to my grandmother, ask her questions and know that there’s sound advice coming back is very reassuring.”
What that means: Grandma the Queen is knowledgeable and open.
What we infer from that: They have late night chats over tea in Buckingham Palace.

What we learned: William says likes “post-debrief” better than a “pre-debrief.”
What that means: He likes to talk to his grandma after a trip rather than before a trip.
What we infer from that: He doesn’t want to be told to stay with so-and-so in this place and so-and-so in that place.

What we learned: Family friends say that the Queen was “positively playful” and “literally skipping” at the royal wedding.
What that means: She was happy for the couple.
What we infer from that: She might have gotten into the champagne.

What we learned: “One of her closest confidants” says of the Queen: “Everything’s changed except the headscarf.”
What that means: She’s mostly open to new things.
What we infer from that: It’s time for a makeover! Or at least some new patterns.

What we learned: “As I’m flying along in my helicopter through the mountains of Wales, I try desperately hard not to think about it. That can wait until I’m a bit older,” William says of the prospect of being King.
What that means: He’s just a young guy who flies helicopters.
What we infer from that: He’s a responsible pilot who tries to not get distracted in the sky. He probably doesn’t search for songs on his iPod either.