Celebrity Tidbits From My Book Party At Copacabana


My “vacation” is over, so I can finally tell you some of the fun stuff that went on that night, in case you haven’t read the massive press I’ve been ramming down your throat.

Lisa Lampanelli welcomed Countess LuAnn and said, “Tonight, I’m the Cuntess!”

Lampanelli said to LuAnn that she loved her song “Money Can’t Buy You Class” so much she had them play it at her wedding.

Jackie Hoffman (The Addams Family) joked to Jerry Springer, “Finally, someone who stoops lower than I do!” She was kidding (referring to his raucous show), and he was a good sport about it. In fact, he was like butter all night!

Springer said he thinks Charlie Sheen‘s humble appearance on the Emmys was part of his settlement deal.

Springer said he’s hosting the concert version in Vegas of America’s Got Talent with the past winners. He’s also hosting the casino version of The Price Is Right in Vegas.

He joked, “I’m a fan,” to Dorothy Bishop, a Sarah Palin impersonator (above) in attendance. He’s actually very much for Obama.

Marina Levitis (from TV’s Russian Dolls) was there, saying she wants to do a Russian cookbook and a lifestyle column.

Murray Hill, who MC’d, announced Countess LuAnn as “the only housewife asked back!”

And Sharon Bush looked around at the drag queens and said, “I’m dressed so conservatively!”

Ah, what a night. Still pulling the tinsel out of my nostrils.

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