Extremely Picky Chinese Dater Now in Brooklyn Seeking ‘Ivy League’ American


The New York Post has tracked down the so-called “most-hated woman in China,” and guess where she is! New York City, of course. Brooklyn, to be exact. Working at a nail salon. Why? 26-year-old Feng Luoyu, described as an “Ugly Girl” seeking marriage with unsufferably high demands, was ostracized in China for circulating her requirements for a boyfriend, which included graduating from a top university, studying economics (or something like that), being between 5 foot 9 inches and 6 feet tall, being a native of eastern coastal China, not having kids, not having exes who’d had abortions, not being an employee of the state, and so on.

“Sister Feng” got a reality series and appeared on billboards and such, but also, she was generally criticized and mocked and humiliated because of her demands, which, we have to imagine, was some of the point? She has since moved to America, and hopes not to be hated, or to be hated in the right way, by the people in New York, where plenty of not-so-attractive folks have big demands, and where there are a host of fresh reality TV show options. Now she wants to meet a real Ivy League American, even though she hasn’t met anyone decent so far from the hordes that are asking her out (as she told the Post).

Welcome, Sister Feng! You have come to the right place for ridiculous demands and reality TV. Giant tip: Stop talking to the New York Post. Aim high, girl — ABC? Bravo?. Or you could stop with the pretense and just move to L.A.; we hear it’s lovely this time of year.

Chinese celeb working anonymously in Brooklyn nail salon [NYP]

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