Occupy Wall Street Responds to Release of Pepper-Spraying Cop’s Information


Anonymous has leaked the personal information of the cop who, according to photographs and video, is thought to be responsible for pepper-spraying young women during the Occupy Wall Street protest on Saturday. It is one Anthony Bologna, a Deputy Inspector for Patrol Borough Manhattan South. Bologna’s badge was photographed on this blog and Anonymous has created a Pastebin document containing Bologna’s possible phone numbers plus the names of his family members and possible addresses. The Anonymous release reads:

As we watched your officers kettle innocent women, we observed you barberically pepper spray wildly into the group of kettled women. We were shocked and disgusted by your behavior. You know who the innocent women were, now they will have the chance to know who you are. Before you commit atrocities against innocent people, think twice. WE ARE WATCHING!!! Expect Us!

The NYPD hasn’t responded to our request for comment.

We just spoke with Patrick Bruner of Occupy Wall Street, who said that “I’m upset the information was released the way that it was. We’ve had the information since last night and chose not to release it this way. We’re not a fan of vigilante stuff.”

Chelsea Elliott, who had been pepper-sprayed by Bologna, said that the release of his personal information was “disgusting” and that “I don’t want him to be hurt or his children.”

We wondered whether Occupy Wall Street felt the original message of the protest was getting diluted by anger at the NYPD, as Kat Stoeffel suggested today at the Observer. Bruner said “This is something we’re worried about.”

“But I don’t think that’s the case,” he continued. “What this shows more is that the system isn’t interested in protecting us anymore, it’s interested in protecting itself.”

Occupy Wall Street will be releasing three new videos of the pepper-spray incident soon, we’ve learned.

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