There Will Be Mushrooms: New Film Explores the Emotional Hazards of Foraging


Finally, something that combines the two great loves of twee urban foodies — foraging for local ingredients and melancholy independent cinema. Now, Forager was filmed in all five NYC boroughs, as well as parts of the Hudson Valley and New Jersey. The concept? A couple makes a living foraging wild mushrooms for New York City restaurants. It’s like Alice Waters meets Kelly Reichardt, with plenty of moody nature shots and people looking pensive as they scrape fungi off trees.The trailer comes courtesy of the filmmakers, Jason Cortlund and Julia Halperin, who are currently trying to raise $6,000 for the post-production process (scoring, sound mixing, color correction, etc.) via the Internet.

Help them out by donating to their project at United States Artists and you could get cool, foodie-related rewards like the Audubon Mushroom Field Guide app for your iPad. Here is a brief synopsis of the film:

During the warm months, Lucien and Regina gather a diverse bounty of edible fungi from area woodlands and then go door-to-door selling them to upscale restaurants. When winter comes, and mushrooms go into dormancy, the couple must find temporary work as kitchen laborers to make ends meet. They constantly struggle to get by, dependent on variables of rainfall and temperature — living without the protection of any safety net.

Sounds like a hoot! Remember, the sooner this film gets financed, the sooner food nerds can go on dates somewhere other than the Greenmarket.