NYPD Probably Couldn’t Take Down a Jet Plane After All


Sunday night’s 60 Minutes interview with Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly included the slightly frightening, maybe sort of soothing information that, if necessary, and in a very extreme situation, the NYPD had the “means and training” to take down an aircraft. But after speculation that he meant consumer planes like the ones that hit the World Trade Center, an NYPD source has said that’s not the case, exactly.

According to the Daily News, what was meant was “a small aircraft,” or possibly a crop duster, which Al Qaeda has talked about using to target the West with aerial spraying of anthrax or other biological weapons — not “surface to air missiles or a weapon that has rockets.”


Mayor Bloomberg said the NYPD has other capabilities specifically designed to derail an aerial terror attack: “The New York City Police Department has lots of capabilities that you don’t know about and won’t know about,” he said.

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NYPD probably couldn’t take down a jetliner, key police source says [NYDN]