Susan Sarandon to Occupy Wall Street: ‘You Have to Make Your Message Clear’


As the Wall Street occupation drags on, it’s starting to attract more celebrities. Last night filmmaker Michael Moore spoke at Zuccotti Park, and today Susan Sarandon (who recently gave us an interview) dropped by the protest HQ to dispense words of advice.

Sarandon reportedly told the protesters that “Your weakness is that there are so many issues. You’re gonna be easy to be dismissed if you don’t concentrate on a single cause,” an issue with the protest that’s been echoed elsewhere. Occupy Wall Street’s organizers seek to keep the process entirely democratic, as we’ve observed at their General Assemblies, and that hasn’t helped the protesters define a clear goal.

Sarandon also told the protesters that “You don’t want the face of your movement to look like discontented people that don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Occupy Wall Street’s rep told us that Sarandon didn’t stick around for long, but now they’ve got City Councilman Charles Barron of East New York visiting today’s General Assembly.