Beavis, Butt-Head, And Sagat Bid Farewell To Andy Rooney


Yesterday 60 Minutes curmudgeon Andy Rooney announced that he would be retiring from his weekly segment of wondering about the annoying things in life. Here is a clip from Beavis And Butt-Head where the two imminently returning couch potatoes do their best “Mickey” Rooney impersonations over “Funk Dat,” the safe-for-TV Rooney tribute track by the Baltimore MC Sagat. It’s funny! Certainly it’s funnier than the comments Rooney made after the death of Kurt Cobain, which Rooney said attracted more than 10,000 letters from “young people” because they boiled down to “Cobain? Never heard of him. What an idiot.” It’s almost like his segment was a prototype for really lousy blogs!

You know the world has passed you by when your newspaper carries a page one story about someone you never heard of. It happened to me this week. All the papers had it.

[rambling about not hearing about grunge, the “years left that he threw away,” and how things were really hard back in the day that you can read at the link]

Everything about Kurt Cobain makes me suspicious. This picture shows him in a pair of jeans with a hole in the knee. I doubt that Kurt Cobain ever did enough work to wear a hole in his pants. He probably had ten pairs just like these hanging in the closet—all with fake holes in the knee….

I swear I didn’t make up the jeans part. (The Google Books excerpt also has a half-page of reactions from people calling Rooney “the jackass of the nation” and a “blundering boob.” Seriously, was Andy Rooney the first mainstream media blogger? These letters sound like a comments section!) Anyway, farewell, Andy—maybe now you’ll have time to listen to all four discs of that Nevermind box set. You know, to catch up.