“I don’t want to be a hippie, I don’t want to live in a tepee,” Andrea Echeverri sings in Spanish on her new solo album, Two. The co-founder of Colombia rock group Aterciopelados—who will both accompany her and play their own music tonight—isn’t being entirely straight. Two is rife with neo-hippie wisdom, including lines like, “This microphone is my magic wand.” It’s a neopsychedelic tapestry of earth-mother optimism, homemade beats conjured up with the help of Sidewinder’s Richard Blair, a strange brew of Latin American folk tropes, and family-affair harmonies. Hippies or not, Echeverri and bassist Héctor Buitrago, her longtime partner in Aterciopelados (i.e., the Velvety Kids), are politically engaged adults who employ their considerable rocking ways and cosmic outlook to oppose violence and advocate for water rights in Colombia.

Thu., Oct. 6, 9 p.m., 2011