Hallmark Is Making ‘Sorry You Got Fired’ Cards Now


Making lemonade of the world’s lemons, Hallmark, card purveyor, bringer of joy to the people who are having birthdays, graduating, getting married, having anniversaries, or thanking each other, now makes unemployment cards, apparently. Said one Hallmark store owner, “The cards are flying off the shelves.” They say things like, “Don’t think of it as losing your job, think of it as time between stupid bosses,” “When life gives you a lemon, go ahead and make a martini with it,” and “Losing your job does not define you. What you do about it does.”

Thank you, life coach.

Sure, maybe there’s a market of sorts here (9.1% unemployment rate?), or, as Hallmark puts it, a “relevant and niche consumer need.” Sure, maybe you want to do something nice for your poor laid-off pal. And, sure, maybe a card is the traditional “encouraging/you can do it!” way to go…but…maybe it’s just us, but if someone gave us an unemployment card, we would throw it back at them and demand a drink, and not any cheap shot, either. Save that money on card stock and be a real friend, friend.