“Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive!” exclaims William Wordsworth in his “The Prelude.” But you don’t have to get up quite so early in the morning to experience the bliss that is CUNY’s. From today through October 14, the Martin E. Segal Theatre at the CUNY Graduate Center hosts Prelude.11, an opportunity for audiences to experience a taste of some of the most innovative performers and works. Prelude.11 consists of free rehearsals, readings, discussions, and lectures, none of which begin before 4 p.m. This year’s lineup includes newer artists, such as playwrights Otso Huopaniemi and Jackie Sibblies Drury, alongside more familiar names such as Elevator Repair Service, Young Jean Lee’s Theatre Company, and Big Dance Theatre, who partner with Sibyl Kempson in a work composed in an invented language that amalgamates, “English, Swedish, German, and Sid Caesar.”

Wed., Oct. 12; Thu., Oct. 13; Fri., Oct. 14, 2011