Wendy Williams’ Eyes Popped At The Paper Nightlife Awards


“Did you see the lady outside with no shirt on?” Wendy Williams asked the crowd as she began her hosting duties for the seventh annual Paper magazine Nightlife Awards last night at Hiro Ballroom.

Everyone cheered with recognition as I suddenly wished I hadn’t gone in the side entrance.

I love me a good tata parade whenever I enter an awards show — or anywhere!

“Somehow I’m gonna put that in tomorrow’s Hot Topics,” Wendy added, as the crowd kept sounding their approval.

“When I pulled up and saw that, I said, ‘I’m at home!'”

But inside, it turned out, no one was underdressed in the least.

Au contraire — they were all done up like the cute little multi-nominated hipsters they are.

Done to the nine-and-a-halves, I got to present Best Bartender, which I noted was ironic considering I don’t even down diet soda anymore.

But my co-presenter, Bevy Smith, announced that she was totally tanked and that’s good because booze gives you a “lazy mouth” that makes it way easier to give head.

“I know. I’m gay,” I deadpanned.

Put that in your Hot Topics.