What’s Your Number


Freaked by a faux-scientific scare article in Marie Claire (how’s that for product placement?) claiming that women who burn through “too many” sexual partners never get married, goofball singleton Ally (Anna Faris) concludes that, rather than add to her “number” looking for Mr. Right, she’s better off tracking down the 20 dudes she’s already slept with to try to finagle a happily-ever-after with whichever one’ll have her. Colin (Chris Evans), the fuck-machine bachelor who lives across the hall, knows how to use Facebook, so he aids Ally’s chase. Cue bicker-flirting over beer and pizza, strip basketball and a perfectly chaste sleepover—a utopia wrecked when Ally attempts to appease her judgey mom and soon-to-be-married sis by reuniting with her moneybags high school sweetheart. Pushed back from an April release date, What’s Your Number unavoidably plays like a mash-up of the recent romantic comedies that it should have beat to market. Like Bridesmaids, it’s a raunchy romp about a smart, pretty girl with a secret creative talent playing second banana in the lead up to a loved one’s wedding; like Friends With Benefits, it’s a self-congratulatory self-aware riff on best friends making the best mates. Unfortunate coincidences of timing, maybe, but what about the shameless retreading of late-20th-century cool-kids rom-coms (High Fidelity, Reality Bites)? Still, even if the speechifying is cringingly trite, and even though it’s evident from Colin’s first frame onscreen that 21 will be Ally’s lucky number, at least her roundelay through exes allows for a few scant moments of inspired lunacy, led by Faris’s cartoon-perfect vocal talents.