Ad-Rock’s Sandwich-Making Technique Is Really Hands-On


Last night the Beastie Boys’ Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz was the special guest on Top Chef Just Desserts, where he charged the pastry crafters still left in the competition to make sweet nothings using foods name-checked in his band’s oeuvre—falafel, whiskey, pork and beans, though apparently Cookie Puss was deemed too much of a lay-up for the purposes of making something suitably sweet. (There was also a screw-your-competitors twist called, naturally, a “sabotage.”) In honor of Ad-Rock’s appearance, Bravo’s site has posted a video of the Beastie Boy making a peanut butter and jelly and Nutella and banana sandwich without utensils that’s worth watching, if only because the end result looks like a chili dog with the color balance completely whacked out. Watch below.

Now, I don’t really call myself a food snob, but wouldn’t the strawberry jam balance out that flavor profile in a nicer way? Grape jelly is just so sweet!