Everybody In Wu-Tang: The Gap Enters The 36 Chambers With Its Latest T-Shirt Offering


The jeans-and-tees emporium The Gap has paired up with musicians before; the likes of Luscious Jackson and Common have warbled holiday-appropriate tunes for them during the store’s late-autumn shopping season ads, Daft Punk has danced for its denim, and even Willie Nelson has endorsed the brand. But now the chain’s starting to return the favor for certain musicians and iconic people of note by placing them on t-shirts—and among those luminaries immortalized in 100% cotton form is none other than Staten Island’s own Wu-Tang Clan. For $29.95, the “canyon shadow”-colored top can be yours! A bigger image of the shirt below.

Here’s hoping that a “The Gap ain’t nothing to fuck with” ad campaign comes soon. Elsewhere in the line there is a shirt with a ticket-stub design for a show at “Bowery Basement,” which I am sure the fine folks at Bowery Presents will be interested to see. Cough.

[via ithasteeth]