Google Teams Up With Dogfish Head to Create Global Super-Beer


Google just can’t help revealing its inner foodie. First, it bought the long-running dining guide Zagat. Now HuffPost Food brings news that Google is teaming up with Dogfish Head to create a Pangea-inspired beer called URKontinent.

Google employees from around the world were asked what they would want in an ideal beer. Then, rare ingredients from different continents were gathered and turned into a beer by Sam Calagione and Co. The dark, Belgian-style ale contains wattleseed from Australia for its chocolaty, hazelnut flavor, toasted amaranth from South America to give the beer a bit of earthiness, Myrica gale from Europe for bitterness, green rooibos from Africa for its floral aroma, and honey from Google’s very own Hive Plex, because apparently Google is in on the beekeeping trend. If you don’t know what any of those ingredients are, Google them!

The video above proves that tech nerds are, in fact, much nerdier than beer nerds. Also, they have a little tasting via Google+’s Hangout feature, which is probably the only time it has been used ever. The first lucky people to try the beer will be attendees of this week’s Great American Beer Festival in Denver. The rest of you will just have to wait until Dogfish gets around to bottling it.