I Heart New York (in 20 Seconds)


Here is a lovely little video from animator, illustrator, and designer Tom Chitty. He created it for a collaborative project commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11; animation artists from 30 countries participated. He writes of his contribution, “It depicts a kind of storybook New York City, from fond memories as much as anything.”

Chitty told us, of the inspiration for the clip, “I remember kids coming back from summer holidays to the States, and telling stories in class about it — as if they’d starred in their very own movie. It was that kind of affection, for New York in particular, that I wanted to reference with this animation. I wanted it to feel hopeful.

“I was working in London 10 years ago, with Alex Eckford — who made the music for this piece. Neither of us were directly touched by what happened [on September 11], but like many people from the UK we’d grown up thinking of America almost as one big Disneyland and we could scarcely believe what we were watching.”