New York Post Takes Valiant Stand Against Joke Newspaper


The Onion is a satirical newspaper. As in, the stories that it publishes are jokes. Duh, you’re saying, but today they got in a bit of hot water when they tweeted about congressmen holding kids hostage in the Capitol building: “BREAKING: Witnesses reporting screams and gunfire heard inside Capitol building.” It was in connection to this story on their website. People got upset!

And the Capitol Police actually investigated the matter, releasing a statement:

It has come to our attention that recents twitter feeds are reporting false information concerning current conditions at the U.S. Capitol. Conditions at the U.S. Capitol are currently normal. There is no credibility to these stories or the twitter feeds. The U.S. Capitol Police are currently investigating the reporting.

And now the New York Post, defender of all that is good in the world, is standing up against a joke newspaper that writes stories that are not supposed to be true. We can all breathe easy now.