Occupy Wall Street Now Has a Mail Address And an Info Line


Occupy Wall Street will be two weeks old on Saturday, and they’ve been camped out in Zuccotti Park long enough to start receiving packages:

(Liberty Plaza is what the protesters have renamed Zuccotti Park.)

They also now have a designated info helpline, 347 603 6258.

We called it today and a perky Occupy Wall Streeter named Leia picked up. She said that they take turns manning the info line based on whoever is in the “info booth” and confirmed the package delivery. “We’re encouraging people to put Liberty Plaza as their home address for deliveries here,” she said.

They’re really setting up shop down there — and they sort of can, since the NYPD is telling the owners of Zuccotti Park that they can’t kick the protesters out. Broomfield Office Properties doesn’t want the protesters down there anymore but their hands are tied; Ray Kelly said that “In building this plaza, there was an agreement it be open 24 hours a day.”

Leia said that the protesters are planning to stay as long as possible. We were wondering how they’re doing run-of-the-mill life things like brushing their teeth and showering; she sad that “it’s tricky” and that they’ve had church groups offering up their facilities. They’re also using stores and restaurants’ bathrooms in the area, though “one girl got yelled at for brushing her teeth in McDonald’s.”

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