Sending Flowers: I’ve Figured Out The Best Way


I never trust those sites or toll-free numbers that you contact to send flowers to someone.

How can you be sure that the photo on the site isn’t some grossly exaggerated glorification of the real bouquet?

I always picture the horrified recipient getting delivered a one-inch-high bunch of dwarfed roses, the floral equivalent of the teensy-weensy pyramid in This Is Spinal Tap.

And worse, what if they send hydrangeas by mistake?

So I simply go to the floral shop myself, where it’s so much easier to see exactly what you’re getting and for how much.

In person, I can haggle for a few extra lilies or a bunch less baby’s breaths and even negotiate the final price, since I’ve pretty much got them by the balls and can walk away at any time.

Then I simply hop back on my bike and deliver the shit myself!

I also don’t consider myself above buying those perfectly nice bouquets they sell outside various bodegas, which I also end up hand-delivering.

Of course, these ideas only work for local gift-giving.