What to Drink at Silver Lining: The Blue Collar


Each week in The Daily Shot, we have ourselves a drink that we think you should try, too.

​​​The drink: Blue Collar

The bar: Silver Lining (75 Murray Street, Tribeca, 212-513-1234)

The price: $14

The ingredients: Rye, amaro, sweet vermouth, dash of maraschino, and orange bitters, stirred and served up

The buzz: The irony of ordering a drink called the Blue Collar in a white-and-silver room that serves up live jazz and craft cocktails may not be lost on you. The drink isn’t on the menu, a brief list of classics, but is rather part of the repertoire the bartender may prescribe. Those familiar with Sasha Petraske’s oeuvre (Milk & Honey, Little Branch) won’t be surprised at the menu-less format at Silver Lining — the Blue Collar, in fact, was created by an ex-Milk & Honey bartender. But cocktail geeks hoping to pore over the minutiae of hard-shake styles and house-made bitters with like-minded individuals may be disappointed. The drinks here are excellent, but it’s the jazz that’s the focus. When there isn’t an ensemble playing, after-work types sip their Sazeracs, some only mildly aware of how deftly it was prepared. “Who is Sasha Petraske?” someone asked at the bar recently. He’s no Miles Davis, that’s for sure.

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