Bill Murray Is Not Necessarily Loved By Everyone


A new book called Low Budget Hell: Making Underground Movies With John Waters by writer/producer/production manager Robert Maier offers proof of that.

Maier remembers when Bill Murray came aboard as the person to sing the “love theme” of John Waters’s 1981 Odorama epic Polyester.

“John was livid,” he remembers.

“He hated Bill Murray. He hated Saturday Night Live. He hated Caddyshack.

“This might seem strange because they were young, edgy, and irreverent artists, and it would seem they would be John’s people.

“But Murray was a mass-audience TV phenomenon, while John was an underground and dangerous artist.

“John bragged at every opportunity that he never even watched TV.

“John’s humor was not doofusy like Bill Murray’s.

“John was angry, gay, and shocking, and he didn’t want it diluted.”

Well, Murray sang the song nonetheless, and Maier wasn’t sure if he had done it so off-key for the humor, to mimic a lousy suburban lounge singer, or because he simply couldn’t sing.

But he also admits it turned out to be “funny and very appropriate”!

Glad it didn’t turn out to smell like sweaty sneakers.