Here Is “Allie,” An Awesome (And Funny) Tale Of Young Lust By Patrick Stump


One of my favorite albums of the year that isn’t out yet is Soul Punk, the first solo full-length from Fall Out Boy vocalist/producer/former Law & Order guest star Patrick Stump. (It comes out October 18.) Each of its tracks is packed with pop crunch and funk bite and heart, but “Allie” has been the song I’ve gone back to more than any other. Its pummeling guitar opening leads into funk-pop delivered with a just-light-enough touch, with Stump telling the tale of being younger and absolutely petrified by an older woman who’s trying to seduce him. His voice sounds great, the chorus imprints itself on your brain after half a listen, and if I ruled the pop world (which I don’t) (at least not yet) it would be a massive hit immediately upon its being released into the atmosphere. It’s streaming at Soul Punk‘s preorder page right now; there’s also a live version of it from an April show he played at Joe’s Pub.