Kick Off Vegetarian Awareness Month By Hugging a Vegetarian


October is officially Vegetarian Awareness Month, meaning for the next 31 days you should be aware that vegetarians exist. Also, try eating a little less meat. PETA is backing off its usual controversial tactics to advocate something a little more adorable — hugging vegetarians. So, where should you eat as a temporary vegetarian?

Fork in the Road has accrued quite a list of vegetarian delights in the past, like the grilled Caprese salad at St. Anselm, the caramelized cauliflower salad at Joseph Leonard, and the Sweet PLT at Van Horn Sandwich Shop.

You can also check out our 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants list, which includes a great mix of restaurants, from home of Korean “Buddhist mountain cuisine” HanGawi to chef Amanda Cohen’s decidedly non-macrobiotic, bullshit-free Dirt Candy in the East Village.

What are your favorite vegetarian-friendly restaurants in New York?