MTA Releases List of the Next 31 Subway Stations Getting Cell Service


The MTA has released the full list of 31 subway stations that are in line to get cell phone service. It already exists in some subway stations for AT&T and T-Mobile customers, as you may have noticed if you’ve already fantasized about snatching some loudmouth’s phone away and throwing it on the tracks. These are the next stations getting service (including major ones like Times Square and Columbus Circle):

5 Av (N)(Q)(R)
7 Av (B)(D)(E)
18 St (1)
23 St (1)
23 St (N)(R)
28 St (1)
28 St (N)(R)
34 St-Herald Sq (B)(D)(F)(M)
34 St-Herald Sq (N)(Q)(R)
47-50 Sts (B)(D)(F)(M)
49 St (N)(Q)(R)
50 St (1)
50 St (C)(E)
57 St (N)(Q)(R)
57 St (F)
59 St-Columbus Circle (1)
59 St-Columbus Circle (A)(C)(B)(D)
66 St (1)
72 St (1)(2)(3)
72 St (B)(C)
79 St (1)
81 St (B)(C)
86 St (1)
86 St (B)(C)
96 St (1)(2)(3)
96 St (B)(C)
Times Sq-42 St (1)(2)(3)
Times Sq-42 St (7)
Times Sq-42 St (A)(C)(E)
Times Sq-42 St (N)(Q)(R)
Times Sq-42 St (S)

An MTA rep told us that all 31 of those stations are expected to be wired for cell service and Internet in the next 12 months, though still no tunnels. All subway stations in the city are supposed to be set up in the next four years. As for us sad lonely Sprint and Verizon customers? Eventually we’ll (hopefully!) have service down there too. Or not hopefully, depending on how you view people yakking away in the subway.