‘Occupy Wall Street Journal’ Surpasses Kickstarter Goal


Occupy Wall Street is starting to look less like an extended camping trip (kind of): It now has a mailing address, an info line, and it will soon have its own newspaper. The Occupy Wall Street Journal has surpassed its $12,000 fundraising goal on Kickstarter and looks like it might actually be a reality. Now, the protesters will have basically everything they need apart from, like, houses. The project’s description:

We want to be the people’s media. Our first project is The Occupy Wall Street Journal, a four-page broadsheet newspaper with an ambitious print run of 50,000. It’s aimed at the general public. The idea is to explain what the protest is about and profile different people who have joined and why they joined. We will explain the issues involved and how the general assembly process operates at Liberty Plaza. It will also offer resources and ways to join. The emphasis will be on quality content, design, photography and artwork that uses incisive humor to make it a lively read.

Most people are reporting that this is the work of the Yes Men, but a Yes Men rep told us that “we are not behind it, but we are ‘backing’ it on our Kickstarter channel.”

Jed Brandt, a communist writer, is credited on the Kickstarter as head of the Journal. We haven’t yet been able to reach him for comment.

Now that the project has raised over $18,000, it looks like at least the first two issues will run. That is, if Mayor Bloomberg allows the occupation to continue.